Cat Head Theatre – Funny

See this and tickle your ribs

Crazy Cats

Check these crazy cats doing some crazy actions.

A Jealous Cat

In this video the cat is jealous about the shirt gifted to dog, she was not gifted anything. She is fighting with the dog and is trying to take off dog clothes.I am sure you gona love this cat and dog fight.

Stylish Cat Hairstyles

See the video and see how stylish hairstyles even the cats can have

Cat Attack the Master

A family is playing with their cat and they were about to celebrate the birthday of the cat. Suddenly the cat attacked the master. May be she do not want her birthday to be celebrated. There may be any other reason too. If you know what the reason would be please reply to this video.

Cats Discussing a Serious Topic

The cats look too tense in this video. In this is a video where two cats are captured while they were discussing a serious topic. Is anyone out there can explain what exactly they are talking about. I am eager to know what type of tension can cats have!

Boxing Match of Cats

Have you people ever seen a Boxing match between the cats ? If not then you must see this video, its a perfect video showing what exactly a cat fight is.

Cat Want To Sleep

Here you can see how the cat is reacting to its master, cat wants to sleep and is answering each and every question the master is asking. What a funny video it is. The cat is behaving like a small kid in bed.

A Nice Way To Annoy Your Cats

Hey do you people out their want to annoy your cat. We here on catnkitten have many ways to this; here you can the one of the best way to annoy a cat.

Cat Bigger Or a Huge Cat

Here is a video about a cat, it was sneaking into her garage for doggy pet food. Man 😮 just look at the size of the cat.

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